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  • Part cost reduction
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Energy savings
  • Minimalized downtimes
  • Wide range of solutions and applications

MRO Devices and Consumables

Good maintenance is one of the influences for production quality, MRO equipment has always been in focus for DME team. We know how to reduce the cost of maintenance and how to plan preventative mold maintenance to ensure your production is not impacted by unexpected downtimes. Based on years of experience DME introduced several solutions to make MRO as effective and efficient as possible. DME portfolio covers wide range of MRO supplies and devices that any moulder can require for their work.


We will supply your toolshop with high value devices and consumables for cleaning cooling channels, moulds and injection machine components. From mechanical to industry 4.0, DME covers every common need of moulder’s toolshop.

Maintenance devices like CleanCare for cooling channels maintenance will help you keep the cycle time low.

When purging material residuals from the mould and injection machine, FreshStart will shorten the downtime and deliver better results. DME cleaning range also features devices and consumables for sandblasting.

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DME welding machines and consumables are designed to effectively build up material, repair or redesign molds and dies. Welding can be done on steel moulds and dies for plastics, rubber, die casting and compression moulds.


Cavity maintenance is covered in the dedicated Polishing category.

Mould Spare Parts

During its normal use many mould components are subject to enormous stress. Eventually they need regular replacement to keep up maximum reliability in th mould and therefore the best possible part quality.

Mould Ejection

As a one-stop-shop supplier, DME offers all spare parts needed to replace the worn-out parts of mould ejection system, both standard and customized.

Mould Cooling

It is very important to keep your cooling system in perfect shape. Here you will find virtually any standard cooling system component, including flowmeters, water manifolds and multicouplings.

Equipment and tools for tooling and mould manipulation

Choose reliable DME products to ensure maximum safety during manipulation of heavy items like mould and still have as easy work as possible. Together with our tooling supplies, DME has your back to help you with anything you need to do on the mould.

Hoist Rings

Safety of your colleagues and workers is of top importance. DME range of Hoist Rings comes with the high safety certifications and wide portfolio of types and sizes.

Service table OptimTable

Purely mechanical (no electricity required) multi-purpose service table. Allows easy and safe assembling, disassembling and other (maintenance) operations with mould. Available in 4 sizes for moulds up to 6000 kg.

Quick Clamping System BAKRA

BAKRA Quick Clamping System allows quick changes of moulds of weight up to 1000 kg. BAKRA is maintenance-free, self-locking bayonet type quick-action clamping system. Several clamping system adapters are available.

Other equipment

Wax gun, machine filters, knockout couplers, screws, mould clamps etc.

Hot Runners Spare Parts

DME carries wide range of heaters, thermocouples and accessories to service HRS systems as well as high tech temperature controllers & single nozzles. Read more about DME unique HRS solutions in HRS dedicated section of this website.


DME has built a strong portfolio of polishing devices, tools and consumables to fit every possible need of a mould maker or for tool maintenance. Please use the button below to continue to designated page about Polishing,

Cutters and Trimmers

A good quality and reliable cutter with right blade geometry is the best tool for removing sprues. DME Gate Cutters and Trimmers covers the widest range of applications and added value. Choose from top notch cutters, manufactured in the best steel, with the best ergonomics. These are the best value cutters with excellent properties to achieve the highest possible part quality.

Release agents and Lubricants

DME release and lubricants are chemical agents, usually in the spray form serve several specific purposes: releasing (silicone or silicone free), cleaning, dissolvent, corrosion protection, lubricants, resins etc.

Shop Supplies

This category contains simple and handy tools for various tasks. Here you can find hammers, pry bars, screw keys and precision gauge steels.

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