Surface finishing is a process that requires a variety of tools and materials. We have everything from rough to fine polishing available for dies, stamping and die-casting tools.


  • Prevention of damage to the part
  • Higher quality of part's surface
  • Shorter cycle time

Surface Finishing Devices

In the DME product range, you can find the ideal device you may need, from fine polish to surface grinding. You can choose the right setting for the application you are working on and then change it for another one. Amongst the range you will find Argofile products, they come with high quality and great technical support.

If your mould is damaged you can use the Welding device in our offer, ideal for that repair.

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Diprofil Files and Tools

It is a wide selection of devices, equipment and tools (both hand and for the machinery) for a broad range of surface finishing applications. The Original Diprofil Filing Machine allows you to perform these operations easily and efficiently.


We offer several different types of Stones for specific applications: pre-machining, finish machining and high-gloss finish. We divide our Stone range into four major groups: Polishing, Ceramic, Super Diamond and Crystal Fiber.

Abrasive and High-Gloss Polishing

To achieve a high gloss surface, you need the equipment and consumables covered in this category. For the finishing operations we have different kinds of abrasives, foils, pastes, bars and chemicals.

Abrasive Polishing Sticks, Grinding Wheels

This category contains several types of wheels for different grades of finishing. The usual materials are ceramic, diamond, Borazon, soft rubber bonds and abrasive clothes. You will find all of them in our eSTORE.

Rotor Cutters

We offer a wide range of cutting tools for cutting applications to achieve that flawless finish. Two basic cuts are available: Standard and Cross Cut. Use Cross Cut when you need machine tempered and stainless steel. DME offers various shapes of Rotor Cutters – choose the one you need for your application.

Other Tools and Ergonomics

This category contains Ultrasonic Cleaning Units, chemicals, wax guns, consumables, work benches & equipment for dry blasting. Also available is auxiliary equipment like clamps, light, swan-necks and many others.

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