For Designers

DME, can help you drive cost out and improve part quality, every step of the way.

  • Integrated Software - Immediate access to DME library integrated into today’s software and configurable online.

  • Consultation - Providing a series of state of the art solutions for todays part and mould design.

  • Emerging Technologies - DME is constantly expanding its of innovative line of new products and services; helping to take design to the next level.

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Supporting Designers

Whether you are a designer of the plastic part itself or the mould in which it will be produced DME can help you maximize your profit by minimizing cost and satisfying all of your customers key requirements. Our highly skilled engineers and designers are at your disposal to refine and perfect a part design, a mould’s functionality and ensure optimum processing performance over the lifecycle of production.

Using analysis and design services combined with our leading products we can help you achieve the maximum value of your mould and final part.

Part Designer

We can help in the design of the mould to optimize the tools performance throughout the moulding process. Contact DME at the beginning of the process to discuss the different services available to support part designer, such as:

  • Designing for long tool life performance
  • Application Engineering – Learn More
  • Resin types and the implications
  • Steel selection
  • Design for optimal gas evacuation during processing
  • Ways to reduce part cost through optimized cooling
  • New solutions for traceability
  • Successful ejection of the part
  • Undercut solutions
  • Threading
  • Ways to improve the part aesthetics
  • Identify and reduce hidden costs
  • Minimize down-time for maintenance

Your Design

Moulded plastic parts remain one of the key enablers to innovation of both consumer and industrial products. Lighter, stronger, smaller and more appealing products are possible by leveraging the versatility and performance of plastics. DESIGN is critical to every aspect of the plastic part. Through DESIGN products can be differentiated in terms of their form, fit and function to deliver improved performance through the entire application life-cycle. Efficient design lowers total costs allowing for high-speed, high-volume moulding operations due to higher material prices, reduce cycle time, reduced scrap rates, and increase overall productivity and costs to manufacture further improving the total value to the customer.***

Our Solution

We work alongside you taking a holistic approach that helps ensure all of the project requirements are met wherever in the world they are required. We start by building a detailed understanding of your plastic part design,its intended application in use and the resulting requirements for the tool. Drawing on unrivaled breadth of capabilities we take an integrated approach to meet your needs combining our precise melt delivery systems, engineered and designed components, and mould cooling technologies that ensure part quality and appearance are achieved at the lowest cost possible. Our goal is to deliver the best possible plastic part at the lowest possible cost. This is the advantage of the DME Integrated Tool Technology Solution.

Mould Designer

DME has worked hand-in-hand with Mould/Tool Designers for the past seven decades.

DME’s ever expanding library of innovative new products and systems are integrated within today’s leading CAD design software. This offers you ease of use and the peace of mind of knowing that you will be using products backed by DME’s quality and service.

On your next project take advantage of DME’s online configurator and latest technologies in designing your optimal mould.

- Focus on core and cavity to increase margins

- Selecting the right steel for the right tool

- Benefits of standard over custom mould bases

- Overcoming mould size limitations

- Optimizing cooling for customer satisfaction

- Successful tool finishing

- Plate control/alignment for moulding performance

- Identify and reduce hidden costs

Engineered Solutions

Project Management

A specially created group within the DME Europe organization, focusing on customized projects with special requirements. Members of this group provide wide expertise and support to our customers by managing projects from A to Z on:

  • Moulds & Components
  • Runnerless Solutions
  • Die Sets
  • Surface Finishing & Coatings
  • Customized Solutions

But not only that. Even complete moulds with or without hot runner technology can be tackled. The Engineered Solutions & Services group, with comprehensive technical and language skills, offers:

  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Specialized Technical Support
  • Cost & Delivery-driven Solutions

Thermal Management

Thermal control plays a large role in a mould’s design and operation. DME resources such as Mould Flow Analysis, TruCool™ Components and Temperature Control Systems allow designers to unleash their full creativity in part design by releasing the mould’s full potential. click a link below for more information on DME’s thermal management products and services:

  • Mould Flow Services
  • TruCool Thermal Management & Components
  • Temperature Control Systems
  • Thermal Control System Maintenance

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