Mould Service Table - OptimTable

Your mould will always have the best seat at the table


  • Opening and closing of moulds
  • Access to each part of the mould for maintenance
  • 360° Rotation of each mould-part for direct access to the tool
  • 3 sizes: 1500 kg / 2000 kg / 3000 kg / 6000 kg
  • Optional base-platform to raise total height to 850 mm
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Work safer and faster


  • Top pivot plates easily rotate 360° with locking indexing every 90°
  • Mobile pivot plate can be locked into position at the end of opening stroke
  • Pivot plates allow the Mould and Plates to be separated and rotated without the use of cranes


  • Base platform provides a working height of 850 mm (33.46”) includes adjustable feet to adjust working height
  • Base platform is available with or without the aluminum tool plate
  • Mechanical Brackets to support plates
  • Magnetic Brackets to support plates
  • T-Slots on pivot plates

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