DME iControl™ Hot Runner Insulation

A Breakthrough in Injection Moulding Thermal Management


  • Minimizing Thermal Variation
  • Reducing Cycle Time
  • Reducing Cold Spots
  • Lowering Energy Requirements
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How it works?

Providing breakthrough molding performance when used with hot runner systems.

The unique nano microporous material of iControl improves the insulation of the hot runner system by reducing the thermal variation of the mold. Easily installed at time of original build or later as a retrofit, iControl will greatly reduce the thermal variation throughout the manifold and nozzles so the temperature of the incoming resin (T1), closely matches the temperature at entry to the cavity (T2). Balancing the temperature across the system opens the possibility to lower both melt and mold temperatures.

Ideally T1, the temperature of the incoming resin, should closely match T2, the temperature at entry to the cavity. This reduces cold spots balancing the temperature across the system from the manifold through to the nozzles. Improvement in the thermal balance often allows the processor to lower the melt temperature.

High Tech Insulation Reducing & Balancing Hot Runner Temperatures

Lower melt temperatures can be advantageous when processing heat sensitive materials. Optical grade resins, bioplastics and resins with high percentages of post-consumer recycled plastics are all prone to degradation with elevated temperatures. Further advantages with lower melt temperature are faster start-up, reduced energy and most importantly lower cycle times.

Cycle Time Advantages & Lower Energy Requirements

With the iControl, you get:

  • shorter cycle times
  • better part quality
  • reduced occurrence of polymer degradation
  • lower energy use on heating and cooling
  • significantly lower thermal variation in hot runner systems
  • usually, lower temperature of the melt is required

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