DME Accualign Lifter


  • Advanced Engineering
  • Industry’s Only Multi-Axis Self-aligning Technology
  • Multiple Options for Design Flexibility
  • Longer Lifetime Performance
  • Improved Production Reliability
  • CAD Resources
  • variant with conformal cooling now available
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DME Accualign Lifter

A Better and More Versatile Lifter

Unlike competitor lifters, which only move in a 2D plane, the DME Accualign Lifter surpasses all other lifters through its multi-axis self-adjusting system.

This novel solution allows for optimum movement and compensates for any misalignment opposite to the release angle ensuring very low friction and reduced binding.

Self-Adjusting for Long Life Moulding Performance

Mould alignment is critical to the moulding process. When alignment issues arise the lifter can seize and potentially break causing part quality problems, moulding production downtime and, possibly catastrophic damage to the mould surface itself. These problems can now be solved with the new DME Accualign Lifter with its unique self-adjustment feature.

Lifters Binding and Breaking? Problem Solved.

The Design Challenge

Mould designers face a challenge when determining how to best eject a part with undercuts. 

A lifter is often the preferred solution but there is always an element of the unknown. Thermal expansions of the mould plates or any misalignment of the tool either during manufacturing or through the tool’s lifecycle can result in plate movement placing pressure on the lifter causing the lifter to bind or possibly even break.  With its unique multi-axis self- aligning capabilities, the new DME Accualign Lifter solves this problem providing the mould design with more flexibility and peace of mind.


  • Carbide ball adapter provides long life with little to no wear.
  • The precision dovetail design provides positive union of the adapter and rod with the ability to self-align.
  • Available in Metric and Imperial sizes

Two Styles Depending On Application

Self-Adjusting & Self-Locating

Accualign lifters unique Multi-Axis Technology compensates for thermal expansion and mould misalignment preventing binding and ultimately breakage.

The ball adapter rides in the shoe and allows the rod and bar to self-adjust to the correct non-binding position vertically. The dovetail connection between the rod/bar and the ball adapter to adjust horizontally making this lifter the most dependable, self-adjusting, precision lifter unit on the market.

The Technology Behind The Multi-Axis Alignment

The unique auto-adjust capabilities of the DME Accualign Lifter is achieved in three powerful ways:

  • The Carbide Ball
  • Dove Tail Adapter
  • Floating Lifter Head (rod only)

Each component has been engineered and reviewed by mould designers to encompass almost all undercut applications with off the shelf components. The lifter is available in round rod with guide bushing or a square/rectangle bar with roller guides for support. Keeper keys are also available to secure the lift head to the lifter when using the round lifter rod.


Real World Tested!

Testing results in minimal wear after 2.2 million cycles.

Multiple Options For Design Flexibility

DME offers full design services including 3D printing to maximize the cooling within the lifter head, an added advantage to the AccuAlign Lifter benefits.

We have designed a lifter rod with internal coolant passages feeding the lifter head and sealing it with a Viton gasket to deliver superior part quality and cycle time. Maximize cooling efficiencies by requesting your full service consultation today.

Having Trouble Cooling That Undercut Area?

DME offers a full design service to maximize the cooling within the lifter head with added advantage of the Accualign lifter benefits. We have designed the rod with coolant passages to feed the lifter head and seal it with a viton gasket to deliver superior part quality and cycle time. Reach out to DME today for your full-service consultation.

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