Die Sets

A complete range of plates, die blocks, retainer sets, punches and other die components offers many ways to increase your productivity.

Standard Die Sets

DME die sets range covers die setter’s requirements with following options:

  • Sets with or without a stripper plate
  • Available ready to assemble or assembled with 2 or 4 guide pillars or guide bushings
  • 2 pillars/guides die sets available with different pillars/bushings placements on the plate
  • Custom sizes available on request
  • DME blank plates also available for die casting
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Guiding Systems

Easy to select from a wide range of guiding system solutions

  • Covers Guiding Pillars, Guiding Bushing and Ball Cages
  • Standard and ISO series available
  • Available in different surface coatings

Die Springs

DME covers all major approaches to die set compression components

  • Mechanical or gas variants
  • Mechanical available with rectangular or round wire
  • Mechanical available made from steel or rubber

For easily adjustable springs, select Nitro-Dyne gas springs

  • Ideal for more complex applications
  • Control unit allows adjusting of the compressive force


DME has a strong portfolio of accessories which are often universal for both injection moulding and die casting (see product description to choose the correct version for your application)

Hoist Rings

DME offers a wide selection of different types/mechanisms, sizes and lifting capacity


Select from wide range of chemicals designated for various tasks every die setter needs. For example releasing (silicone or silicone free), cleaning, dissolvent, corrosion protection, lubricants & resins etc.

Other Accessories

DME die casting accessories cover other components like strip lifters, dowel pins, screws, locating pins and many others

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