Why Change to FreshStart™ Purge?


When You Need More Than Just Another Purging Compound

FreshStart Purging Solutions™ bring a new level of purging performance to the plastic processing industry. The FreshStart compounds have been designed by polymer and processing experts who understand the challenges of the moulding industry. Each compound is scientifically formulated to perform so that in every step of the process, even the most demanding, unwanted pigments, polymers and contaminates are removed without leaving residue

FreshStart™ = Savings

The SPEED and EFFECTIVENESS of colour/material change is key to your success

FreshStart provides a faster way to fully purge your production line and tool and eliminates residue reducing waste and costly scrap.

Fresh Start Purging Solutions™ our patented, revolutionary, all-purpose purging compounds cover the needs of the plastic processing industry. The MC2-HH & GP-HH Hybrid solutions are only two versatile and ground breaking purge compounds designed for the removal of unwanted pigments, polymers and contaminates without leaving residue.

Both formulas have been uniquely engineered to pass through hot runner systems with a min .010 inch or 254μm (microns) to completely clean the entire flow path. No need for soak time or to increase the heat over your normal processing temperatures.

Unlike other purging compounds on the market that require multiple different grades depending on the polymer type and application MC2-HH™ and GP-HH Hybrid formulas encompass all of the necessary capabilities in one simple formula:

  • High Heat
  • Hot Runner Cleaning
  • Clear Applications
  • Process Type
  • Ext…

Why buy all these grades, manage inventory, and hope the correct grade is used for each application. Stream line your processes and consolidate into one purge that will satisfy all your needs.

Conventional Purge Process are NOT the Best Solution

The use of regrind and in-house resins is still the purge material of choice for some molders.

Why using regrind is a bad idea?

  • You are reintroducing contaminates picked up on the first pass
  • The heat profile of the resin has change and material has degraded due to multiple heat cycles leading to quicker carbonization (black spots)
  • Not all the regrind pellets are the same size and/or there may be fines, these smaller pieces melt faster and have a tendency to burn, producing carbon and are seen as black specs in the final part result is scrap.

Why not use in-house resins?

  • In this application we need to look at the viscosity of the resin. If the viscosity of the in-house is the same or less of the process resins it will not push out any of the old resins and it will follow the path of least resistance and not clean out any of the “dead spots” in the flow path which will cause colour streaks. These dead spots are also where resins build up during production and burn causing black specs.
  • Time is the major factor! Some companies will run the “purge” resin for 1-12 hours to “clean out” the machine. This is lost production time, they may be saving in a pound for pound price of resin vs purge however they are not producing sellable product. (See case study for info on savings using FS vs in-house resin.)
  • Purge compounds are formulated differently than processing resins. The FreshStart compounds are designed and engineered to remove pigments and polymers, while employing different techniques to clean the pathways and remove unwanted contaminates. FreshStart aids in the cleaning during the screw mixing process while addressing any carbon build up in the dead spots of the flow path. As well, they benefit hot runner manifold, where resins have a tendency to build up and burn. Employing process resins will not address these processing issues. These resin will follow the path of least resistance. Process resins tend not to address the contamination in dead spots.

MC-2™ FreshStart™ Purging Compound

MC-2 is a proprietary solution for mechanical purge applications where hybrid / chemical purges are not preferred.

  • Designed for quick colour changes
  • Specifically formulated for cleaning manifolds, hot runners and other channels with tight clearance
  • Safe, non-abrasive, non-hazardous purging solution developed around General Recognized As Safe (GRAS) ingredients under FDA 21 CFR
  • Formulated for ease of use with no purging solution residue

The Weekender – MC2 Special Feature

MC2-HH allows the purge to sit in the barrel over a shut-down period without degrading and seals the screw and barrel from moisture. This feature allows for easy start-ups by simply adding your process resin to the hopper and start running production parts.

The FreshStart Difference

The flexibility of Fresh Start Purging Compounds allows users to replace a number of formulas/grades typically used for a specific application. This feature could reduce inventory, purchasing costs, and accidental misuse.

Unlike other purging compounds, Fresh Start requires zero soak time for the chemical reactions to take place. Other purging formula brands require the temp to be raised to get the best performance out of the purge. Fresh Start MC2-HH™ and GP-HH Hybrid do not require or suggest raising the barrel temps.

Compare to the Competition FreshStart offers two (2) grades of purge to tackle nearly any situation. To achieve the same results as these two FreshStart compounds, many competitors require the comdbined use of six (6) or more of their compounds.

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