Mould Bases and Plates

DME offers a complete range of standard plates and mold bases plus special plates & mold bases, here is the right page to get all the necessary information.


  • DME high quality machining
  • DME high quality steels
More about Steel Types in DME

Blank Plates

Excellent quality with a wide range of steels and sizes. DME offers 4 product lines for blank plates, defined by finishing precision/allowance and also by side finishing method.

PLT Plates

with fine-milled sides and finished-ground thickness

PPR Plates

all sides are fine-milled, with allowance on thickness

P12 Plates

all sides are fine-milled, finished with tight tolerance

P13 Plates

with fine-milled sides and finished-ground thickness

Drilled Plates


Available drilled for one of the Europe's moulding industry most preferred standards, available steels are 1.1730, 1.1212


Available drilled for one of the Europe's moulding industry most preferred standards, available steels are 1.1730, 1.2083, 1.2085, 1.2311, 1.2312, 1.2343, 1.2343ESU, 1.2767 and Toolox33


These drilled plates are DME legacy standard

Guiding Elements

For all DME plates, we offer wide range of guiding elements and other components. Explore DME eSTORE, which is your One-Stop-Shop 24/7 online mould eshop.

Standard components from steel and low maintenance components from brass and graphite.

Insulation Plates

Select from wide range of sizes on DME eSTORE.

  • with or without center hole
  • selected variants come with an Easy-to-Assemble option for F-Plates series
  • made from PE resin with glass fibers or Epoxy resin with glass fibers

TIRAD high-precision machining

TIRAD is your supplier of high-precision plate machining, they have decades of experience. WIth state of the art machines TIRAD is paneuropean synonym for high quality and full service in high-precision machining of mould plates.

With the latest machines TIRAD can machine up to:

  • Frame dimensions to 2300 x 1500 x 1000 mm, 3500 kg
  • Position tolerance = 0.008 mm/1,000 mm
  • Diameter/pocket tolerance = 0.01 mm

Aluminum Mould Bases

Aluminum Mould Bases bring excellent option for many special applications like prototyping, high-speed machining, production with small batches (expected lifespan up to 100 000 cycles). Made from EN AW 7075 alloy with reduced heat warping.


  • low weight and easy manipulation
  • time and energy savings during machining and manufacturing parts
  • shortened cycle times thanks to better heat conductivity

Sliding Core Moulds

Excellent option for moulding some highly complex components. DME offers two variants of Sliding Core Moulds.

BK41 - Ejector Plate Type

BK42 - Stripper Plate Type

Visit our eSTORE to explore all variants.

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