Conformal Cooling

In partnership with CONTURA MTC GmbH

The most advanced way to improve the heat exchange in your mould


  • the fastest possible heat exchange
  • improved parts quality
  • faster cycle time
  • higher process stabilty (better CPK values)
  • better profits for you
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Focus on cooling

Since cooling is often the largest portion of the molding process, you want it to be designed as well as possible. Despite this it is often underestimated when designing your mould. Therefore it is the best opportunity to improve overall efficiency of your production and the quality of your output. Conformal Cooling is designed to follow the shape of manufactured part far more precisely than a conventional approach. Thanks to that, it is possible to deliver better results such as:

  • Reducing cycle time
  • Giving better design flexibility
  • Improving quality of the manufactured parts
  • Getting better control over the cooling cycle
  • Increasing production capacity

Moulding high complex components

If you need to mould faster & achieve higher quality or just improve your profits, conformal cooling is the way to go. Conformal cooling channels and heat transfer components allow you to have maximum control over the whole process of heat exchange. Therefore resulting in better manufacturing process, with only physics being the limit.

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DME Europe together with CONTURA MTC GmbH are ready to provide you with any additional technical information and support. This is for the whole process of designing your tool with the goal to achieve the best possible results from Conformal Cooling.

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Speed up cooling by up to 40%

Conformal Cooling achieves better shapes, paths and channel geometries impossible to obtain with conventional tooling. With Conformal Cooling, we are able to directly transfer the heat out of the cavity, when conventional tooling requires you to wait longer. It also allows for more homogenous heat distribution, which together with other features brings you benefits of:

  • shortening cycle times
  • better surface quality

With the end result it is easier to fulfil your customers' quality requirements.

Collaborate with us to get the best results

Our engineers' know-how, experience and technical skill are the key attributes needed for delivering to you the best results. Conformal Cooling represents our most advanced cooling solution for solving current manufacturing issues with complex parts. In addition is it a necessity for anyone who aims to improve their production process. We are happy to add the tremendous experience CONTURA MTC company has into DME Europe's range of solutions.

DME Consistent High Quality

Precise manufacturing

Great design is practically worthless when it is executed poorly. The manufacturing processes we use ensures high precision inserts and cooling channel dimensions to ensure calculated results. We utilize advanced processing methods and constant quality checks. The high quality you associate with DME is the same for Conformal Cooling from CONTURA MTC GmbH.

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