SmartMold - mould monitoring system

Enhance your productivity

with intelligent mould capabilities

Key features:

  • Smart equipment
  • Smart production
  • Smart service

Comprehensive mould performance information available in just a few clicks

SmartMold gives moulders the ability to improve the Performance, Availability and Quality (OEE) of their moulding operation by providing data that offers valuable insight on how your operation is actually performing and identifying the areas that need attention. Unlock your operations full potential with SmartMold.

Smart equipment

  • Sensors are installed within the mould.
  • Collect a wide range of previously unavailable data points.
  • Data is used to calculate Performance, Quality and Availability (OEE).
  • Communication with other equipment through OPC-UA.

Smart production

  • Digital data collection makes information readily available throughout the organization.
  • Powerful analytic tools identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Provides moulders with insight on where to focus their efforts to optimize processes.
  • Track how changes impact your productivity over time.

Smart service

  • Maximize availability by tracking mould performance.
  • break down situations and maintain part quality.
  • Receive notifications when it is time for service.
  • Easily access system bill of materials and spare part lists.

Smart Capabilities

Intuitive management software

  • Manage and control your entire operation from a centralized online platform or individually using our specialized mobile app.
  • View information from anywhere.
  • Digital data collection for immediate availability.
  • Encrypted backup of all information for your protection.
  • Eliminates IT support infrastructure.

Powerful data analytics

  • View performance trends and track how changes to your processes affect manufacturing productivity over time.
  • Cloud connectivity offers more advanced reporting and tracking capabilities.
  • Allows users to dive into the data.
  • Professional 1-touch reporting.

Preventative maintenance tracking

  • Critical to mould availability.
  • Tracks mould and equipment service requirements.
  • Sends out reminders when equipment is due for service.
  • Avoid breakdown situations and waiting for spares.
  • 1 hour of preventative maintenance can save over 5 hours of downtime.

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