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In today’s dynamic global economy, there’s no standing still. Continuous innovation and decisive action are critical to stay ahead of the intensifying competition. This is the reality for every product designer, mould designer, mouldmaker and moulder. Continuous growth has always been the DME way and is the driving force behind today’s DME philosophy worldwide.

Over 75 years of Products & Services

For seven decades, DME has been a mold technologies leader. Our catalog remains the industry’s broadest, our products the benchmark of high quality. We continue to provide customers with knowledge, expertise and service that can’t be matched. DME is never satisfied, because our customers’ needs keep evolving, and we’re determined to help them succeed – Every Step of the Way!

DME - A proud member of HILLENBRAND family

Hillenbrand is a world-class, global diversified industrial company with businesses that serve a wide variety of industries around the world.

A tradition of innovation continues

In 1942, I.T. Quarnstrom founded Detroit Mold Engineering (today’s DME Company) to provide mould bases in standard sizes, ready for machining of the cavity. That was the beginning of the DME tradition of industry-leading innovation and standardization.

Significant advances in mould tooling technology are the DME story. With seven decades of making mould makers, moulders and designers more efficient and more productive, we’ve become an essential resource to the industry.

Quality materials and processes

DME starts with only the finest material — as measured by industry-leading standards for quality assurance and supplier evaluation — to ensure high-quality, precision-finished components. And, DME manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified to provide consistent, dependable quality.

One-Stop-Shop for all your needs

For a sampling of innovative products that consistently improve productivity, DME’s extensive product catalog tells it all. If you’re involved in plastics injection molding tooling, DME has what you need. With over 35.000 catalog items, DME delivers a single source for virtually any tooling application.

Superior customer service

Here For You

DME customers have 24/7 access via a wide selection of communication channels. Toll-free telephone, fax, mail, e-mail, and web are all available.

Shop Online

DME’s eSTORE online service allows customers real-time order processing and order status updates.

Global DME

DME’s global product platforms provide reliability to our multinational customers, who know they’re getting the same high-quality DME products worldwide.

This configuration also allows us to customize products where necessary, delivering global solutions that meet regional needs and passing along cost benefits to customers.

Meanwhile, in an era of doubt about many products sourced from low-cost suppliers, we put all our products, no matter where they originate, through the same rigorous, ongoing quality assurance and control measures. Our customers know they can depend on all DME products, all the time, all around the world.

From the heart of Europe to anywhere in the world DME Europe, located in Mechelen, Belgium is on the axis Brussels/Antwerp and has easy access to all means of transportation to assure cost effective and fast deliveries. Apart from this we have competence centers spread out over Europe, further reinforced through agents and distributors, which strengthen our message even more.

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