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05 July 2017

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Hand tools, sprays and other consumables don’t end up being part of what you produce however, you cannot get your work done and serve your customers well without them.

With this in mind, DME Europe has created a dedicated section on this website and on eStore plus a seperate catalogue for Industrial Supplies. As part of a global strategy, giving much needed attention to this important product category.

Please find below a summary of products, organized per chapter, you will find in the catalog.


This section deals with machines that are common in moldmakers workshops, like the welding machine MT1500S or the ultrasonic cleaning units for cleaning mold plates.

Mold Ejection

Our range of ejector pins and sleeves is one of the most important product categories for moldmakers.

Tooling Supplies

Here you can find different tools and spare parts typical for the plastic processing companies, like hoist rings, limit switches or screws and special solutions like the Bakra Quick Clamping System.  

Shop Supplies

Products used in different businesses and many possible applications like hammers, pry bars and other tools.

NEW: More hammers and pry bars have been added!


Cooling products

DME is well known for it's cooling products, now available to injection molders and any other workshops that may need them.

NEW: Flowmeters have just been added to the DME assortment, find out more in our catalog.

Hot runner spare parts

This section includes a selection of spare parts for hot runner systems, like heaters or thermocouples.

Surface finishing

Our selection of polishing products built on our extensive experience offers you everything you need to build your polishing capabilities.

Cutters and Trimmers

Premium Gat cutters already very successful in North America are now available in Europe. Top quality cutters at an excellent price and available from stock for immediate delivery.

NEW: Premium gate cutters!


A wide range of products, from mold release agents to lubricants and more...

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