Conformal Cooling

01 July 2017

Uniform thermal surface temperatures in the cavity and core are critical to improved parts quality. Inconsistent cooling increases both the length of the cooling cycle and the number of rejected parts.

Conformal cooling targets the hot spots therefore enabling a dramatic REDUCTION OF CYCLE TIME. This improves the final QUALITY OF THE PART whilst allowing  DESIGN FREEDOM which enables the tool maker to build non-machineable and complex molds.

What Conformal Cooling can deliver is maximum cooling efficiency.
Additionally DME offers:

  • Decades of molding expertise at your service
  • F.E.A. software analysis and refinement
  • Design of conformal cooling channels
  • Simulation & comparison analysis
  • Manufacturing of inserts
  • Variety of materials such as MS1 Maraging Steel
  • Q.C. testing, Material, Flow Analysis and Pressure Test
  • Dimensional verification
  • Post processing options: heat treatment
  • One year warranty 

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