Cut-to-Length ejector pins

Customers are now taking advantage of DME's flexibility to lower overall machining costs with a quick and cost-effective service that cuts ejector pins to a custom length.

Ejectors, sleeves and punches comprise DME's widely known high-quality standard and are ready to be shipped as soon as same day in your specified lengths.

With outside diameters ranging from 1.5 to 20 mm and lengths from 25 to 600 mm, customers can choose from a wide assortment to obtain precise length tolerances of 0 /+ 0.03mm on a repetitive basis.

In addition to customized cut-to-length ejector products, DME has capitalized on its seven decades of mold technology expertise to offer special solutions within the plastics and stamping markets that include flat pins with rounded edges, special diameters, special sleeves, grinded punches, profile grinding, EDM and much more.