Engineered Solutions and Services

To focus on customized projects with special requirements DME Company has created a department within the DME Europe organization. Members of this group provide a wide range of expertise and support to customers by managing projects from start to finish on key initiatives, including special plates and components, special machining, die set applications and hot runner applications. The new DME team of experts is even well equipped to complete complex molds with or without hot runner technology.

  The DME non-standard mold technologies business requires a more specific approach, one that employs dedicated technical sales specialists supporting customer business requirements through a more project-oriented regimen, especially when compared to the DME standard, catalogue business. DME will serve these special needs customers through a separate non-standard sales organization called "Customized Solutions" (Engineering Solutions Services).

Taking advantage of DME's global presence, Engineered Solutions & Services works with all DME worldwide locations and best-in-class partners to offer the industry's widest range of engineered solutions.

The DME Engineered Solutions & Services Group, with comprehensive technical and language skills, offers customers the dedicated project management that utilizes specialized technical support and a cost & delivery-driven focus to provide optimal solutions.