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Ball-Guided Ejector Ball Cages

Coarse Pitch Axle

Collapsible Cores Brochure

Collapsible Cores DT


Cool One

Cooling Maniford

CVe Monitor

DLC Pins

Duo Press Power Pump

Guided Ejection

Hoist Rings

Injection Units

Line Card

Mold Bases

Mold Cooling Multicoupling

Mold Strap

Mold Strap

Mold ejection Guided Ejection


Polishing flyer

Pre-Engineered Helical Gear

Pre-Engineered Helical Gear

Pre-Engineered Hydraulic Locking Core Pull Cylinders

Pre-Engineered Hydraulic Unscrewing Device

Quick-action clamping system_Bakra

Service Table

Stainless Steel Coupling

Surface Finishing Devices Eco Polisher

Surface Finishing Devices Grande

Surface Finishing Devices Grande

Surface Finishing Devices Maxima-ex

Temperature Controllers MT Controller

Temperature Controllers Brochure

Testing equipment

Tirad - Hign precision custom Mold Bases

End of the year promotion