A Rich History: A Tradition of Innovation Continues

n 1942, I.T. (Ted) Quarnstrom founded Detroit Mold Engineering (today’s DME Company) to provide mold bases in standard sizes, ready for machining of the cavity.

That was the beginning of the DME tradition of industry-leading innovation and standardization. Seven decades later, we’re still making moldmakers, molders and designers more efficient and more productive through new products and services.

Significant advances in mold tooling technology are the DME story. With seven decades of making moldmakers, molders and designers more efficient and more productive, we’ve become an essential resource to the industry.

In Europe it started back in 1963, almost 50 years ago, with a settlement in Mechelen, Belgium.

To meet the specific European market requirements, DME developed operations in several European countries, set up sales structures in all major industrial areas and extended to other regions using an extensive network of distributors and agents.

MILACRON Inc. acquired all DME’s operations early 1996. Being a global player in molding machines and fluids, Milacron becomes a strong partner in offering total solutions for injection molders.







Along with MILACRON companies like Ferromatik, Uniloy & Cimcool Germany became real allies, offering the possibility to bring to the market complete solutions for Injection Molding projects.
By the late nineties, DME Europe managed to integrate the company “Expulsores Girona”, in Barcelona, Spain, thus acquiring production expertise in ejector pins and sleeves and easy access to on the molding markets in the South of Europe.

The acquisition of Reform Flachstahl, Fulda-Germany on April 30th, 2001 is the start of a era in which the product breath offered to the market expands, strengthened only one month later by acquiring EOC Normalien GmbH, Lüdenscheid-Germany on May 31st, 2001.

From that moment on DME not only services the moldmakers and molders of the injection industry, but it gets a fundamental entry into the European Die Set, Metal polishing and PVD coating business.

Combining its sales network covering all of Europe with its knowledge in Die Sets, Polishing and Metal Coating allows DME to get recognition as a thorough, reliable partner helping thousands of customers, every step of the way.

Meanwhile DME continued to find new ways to service the customer better and faster, investing heavily in warehousing, supply chain and customer care, to assure we keep reinventing the way to do business with you, our customer, in an easier, more user-friendly no-nonsense way.

The acquisition of Mold-Masters in 2013 by Milacron creates a leading global solutions provider with enhanced operational strength, reduced cyclicality and a strong, diverse international footprint broadening our portfolio of exceptional products and services to more customers in more markets around the world.